1. Keyword Query Routing
  2. An Empirical Performance Evaluation of Relational Keyword Search Systems.
  3. Consistency as a Service Auditing Cloud Consistency.
  4. Prediction-Based Cloud Bandwidth and Cost Reduction System
  5. Error-Tolerant Resource Allocation and Payment Minimization for Cloud System
  6. Trusted DB: A Trusted Hardware based Database with Privacy and Data Confidentiality
  7. Distributed Cache Invalidation Method for Maintaining Cache Consistency in Wireless Mobile Networks
  8. Secure Mining of Association Rules in Horizontally Distributed Databases


  1. Collaboration-Based Cloud Computing Security Management Framework
  2. CDA: A Cloud Dependability Analysis Framework for Characterizing System Dependability in Cloud Computing Infrastructures
  3. A Self-tuning Failure Detection Scheme for Cloud Computing Service
  4. STAR: A proposed architecture for cloud computing applications
  5. Rethinking Vehicular Communications: Merging VANET with cloud computing
  6. Scalable and secure of personal health records in cloud computing using Attribute-based encryption.
  7. Data Integrity Proofs in Cloud Storage
  8. Privacy-Preserving Multi-keyword Ranked Search over Encrypted Cloud Data
  9. Privacy-Preserving Public Auditing for Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing
  10. Data Integrity Proofs in Cloud Storage
  11. Next Generation Cloud Computing Architecture.


  1. Association rule- extracting knowledge using Market Basket Analysis
  2. A Collaborative Decentralized Approach to Web Search
  3. Adaptive Provisioning of Human Expertise in Service-oriented Systems


  1. An Ant Colony Optimization Approach for Maximizing the Lifetime of Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks
  2. Maximizing Lifetime Vector in Wireless Sensor Networks
  3. Framework of a national level electronic health record system
  4. A rainfall prediction model using artificial neural network
  5. A VANET based Intelligent Road Traffic Signaling System
  6. Security in Wireless Sensor Networks with Public Key Techniques
  7. On maximizing the Lifetime of WSN using virtual backbone scheduling
  8. Fast Detection of Replica Node Attacks in Mobile Sensor Networks Using Sequential Analysis.
  9. A Cluster Allocation and Routing Algorithm based on Node Density for Extending Lifetime in WSN
  10. The Cluster head Chaining Scheme considering scalability of the WSN



  1. Caching strategies based on information Density estimation in wireless ad Hoc network
  2. Random Cast: An Energy-Efficient Communication Scheme for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
  4. Benefit-based data caching in ad hoc networks.
  5. Information Content-Based Sensor Selection and Transmission Power Adjustment for Collaborative Target Tracking


  1. A Distributed Key Management Framework with Cooperative Message Authentication in VANETs
  2. An Elliptic Curve Cryptography Based on Matrix Scrambling Method.
  3. Hybrid Intrusion Detection Systems (HIDS) using Fuzzy Logic
  4. Network Problem Notification Via SMS
  5. Credit Card Fraud Detection Using Hidden Markov Model
  6. A Large-Scale Hidden Semi-Markov Model for Anomaly Detection on User Browsing Behaviors(2009)
  7. Jamming-Aware Traffic Allocation for Multiple-Path Routing Using Portfolio Selection(2011)
  8. Data Leakage Detection
  9. Enhanced Security for Online Exams Using Group Cryptography
  10. Host Based Intrusion Detection and Prevention System
  11. DDOS Tracking and Monitoring System Using HMM
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