Quadcopter is a flying robotic platform that is lifted and propelled by four fixed rotors. There are no fixed wings; all of the lift is created from the rotors. Unlike standard helicopters aQuadcopter uses fixed-pitch blades, whose rotor pitch does not vary as the blades rotate; control of vehicle motion is achieved by varying the relative speed of each rotor to change the thrust and torque produced by each. Fly forward, backward, left, right, up, down... by radio control equipment. quadcopter/quadrotor is a ideal platform for the enthusiasts bringing you a brand-new flying experience Support 13 sensors as flight attitude, height, direction, position (GPS Module-optional), temperature, and power consumption. With the help of Aircraft flight control algorithms and is easier to fly than other types of helicopters, and has quite good stability.

The Quadcopter uses a Fly board with a Propeller multicore microprocessor to electronically control stabilization of the aircraft. The benefits to this system are a stable platform, with no mechanical linkages for a small maneuverable and agile aircraft. The kit provides an inexpensive way to get involved in the Quadcopter arena. The kit includes; frame, mounting hardware, motors, speed controllers, propellers and the control board for flight stabilization. (the only thing you need to provide is the RC radio equipment, battery). We recommend a six channel RC radio.

Technology Expertise : Microcontrollers, Mechatronics, Motor control systems, Sensors, Mechanical Design, Electronics Design, Embedded software programming, I -PHONE/Android application development.



  1. Size:120.8 x 407.8mm
  2. Battery:2S 800Mah Lipo
  3. Flight time: about 10min
  4. Radio:2.4G 4channel
  5. Stabilisation:3pcs gyro


  1. Motors: 4pcs
  2. Copter high: 120.8mm, Length: 407.8mm. Weight : 195g-280g(with battery)
  3. Stabilisation:3pcs gyro
  4. Battery: 2S 800mAh LiPo
  5. Control:2.4G 4-channel
  6. Remote distance:1000m
  7. Flying time:10 minutes


RC Q4 is an excellent Vehicle for both military and civilian usages. Four-axis RC Q4-II, Dragonfly V Ti RC Gyro RC Q4-II Name: RC Q4-II Draganflyer V Ti RC Gyro RC Q4-II, Quad Tiltrotor, RC Q4-II, Radio Control Toy Quad Tiltrotor is an excellent, novel vertical take-off and landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for both military and civilian usages.

Configuration instructions Use this form for reference only, product configuration may occur due to small changes in different versions. High-speed dedicated brushless electric stressed that sustainable output current of 12A, overload performance,special blocking protection strategy to effectively prevent the burning of power tubes. Built-in communications signal monitoring mechanism, the input signal interruption will gradually turn off the motor output.

This software system is specially aimed at Four-rotor model’s development which has full independent intellectual property rights.Based on the intellective fuzzy algorithm’s self-adaption parameter, it leaved out setting steps to be user-friendly and keep the aircraft stable.



  1. Install GPS
  2. Motor is up to 1.5Kg force/pc
  3. Maximum paylaod : 1000g
  4. FPV quad copter
  5. Flying :30 minutes


  1. Motors : 4pcs (1.5kg Force/Pc)
  2. Bigger Than M2
  3. Payload Max:1000g
  4. Install GPS
  5. Altitude Hold, Stabilizer Install
  6. Folding Design
  7. Battery : 4S 10000mah 35C Or 3S 3700mah 35C
  8. Contro l:2.4G 6 -Channel
  9. Remote Distance Max : > 1000 - 2000m
  10. Flying : 30 Minutes
  11. Force 5.5 Wind Fly


Design your own Iphone/Andriod application for to control and fly the helicopter using IR/Wi-Fi interface and experience the real world of technology

  1. 3 channels w/ gyroscope
  2. Well made and very durable
  3. Ready to fly out of the box with Tx, charger, and a spare blades & buckle
  4. Highly detailed canopy with led lights
  5. Ultra stable twin rotors design for both indoor and outdoor flight
  6. Light weight composite design
  7. Control distance: about 10meter
  8. Flying time: about 6-8minutes
  9. Charging time: about 30 minutes
  10. Android RC helicopter
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